Lit Review

Action Research Literature Review

In my research I am looking to answer the question of how to incorporate technology into my classroom practice in a school with limited resources. In my search online I found many sources of valuable ideas and practical ways to use one iPad in the classroom.
The blog Elementary Ed Tech (specific post can be found at: is a resource that lists possible iPad activities to do with one iPad. The blog entry looks at how teachers that the author (Margaret Brown an Educational Technologist from a Texas elementary school) works with use their one iPad classroom. The blog is one of practical application in a classroom, highlighting key strengths and weaknesses from different teachers points of view.

Another blog entry but this time from highlights a model they use in their classroom that is one iPad to twenty five students (which is very typical for what my classroom will be). Dukelyer is a teacher who has only begun to use technology in the classroom (as he cites on his “Hello” section). He is clearly a technology in the classroom as a beneficial tool as there are little negatives (besides the expense for schools or families) listed as a problem in this entry. He concludes after highlighting some uses that iPads/computers/tablets are a method into making the next Bill Gates.

Mrs. Wideen’s blog ( seems to reflect her ability to teach literacy with iPads in less than a year. This amazing feat was only surpassed by the acknowledgement of her school board with more iPads and other technologies. This blog cites nothing but a positive experience in the classroom and does not give any ideas, programs, applications or knowledge beyong that into how she was effective in using the iPad.

Edudemic ( seems to be sponsored by Apple. This blog entry lists 6 reasons why iPads are the “king of the classroom.” Most of the other blogs, articles thus far have described iPads but only as a method of delivering technology, not as the only way. Workflow, the company’s commitment to education and the fact that students aspire to own iPads as a way of or reason of integrating them into your program. This blog entry is overwhelmingly not in my beliefs. Students should not be geared up ready to learn because they wish they had an iPad. This method would not work in my lower middle class and working class school background. I have no desire to lure these “aspirational objects” over the students so that they are feeling as though they are not valuable because they do not have this device.

During my time spent perusing for resources I have found online blogs, twitter feeds, articles and links to be the best bet for practical advice. I found little documentation of people searching to keep technologies out of the classroom but also found way too many proponents of just Apple products. As I searched I found that every teacher blog to be a walking billboard for Apple’s newest gear.  

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