‘Reflection is part of your work’. What do you expect to learn from blogging?

Reflection is something I don’t even try to do. Like with everything else in my life I think about the event afterwards and over think how to do things better! When I tried on wedding dresses a few weeks ago at a certain store, I reflected about my dream dress, the service and selection at the store. I changed my mind about what I was looking for and I changed my mind about the type of people I wanted to work with to help with the wedding. In my professional life, I reflect on lessons, classroom management strategies, goals and successes with students.

Daily I make little notes to myself of how I could have handled that particular behaviour or how I taught that and what else I could do to make my lessons more clear and concise. As I have been exploring the available tech resources in my teaching the more I want to experiment using the different tools with my students. Unfortunately, I love everything.

This blog was started during my IICT Pt. 1 course and has been a place to post assignments and other musings about the courses but it could also serve as a place to reflect, a journal so to speak. The blogging could be where I post a tech tool that I plan on using and then the outcome of that. It could be a resource for me to return to later on and remember what I have done and the growth I have had. I hope that as a reflective practitioner that if I look back on these posts a year or two from now I can say I learned from my naivte and my mistakes and am a better and more effective teacher. This blog could be my portfolio.

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