Reflection (last assignment)

1. Describe one significant idea or issue that has arisen for you as you were engaging in

the topics during the Learning Experience:


Communication. We are using Web 2.0 tools and other technology to improve teacher- students communication, student-student and school-home communication. I love the transparency between the school and parents as to be the most effective we need to share our goals and strategies to get there. Students should feel supported in both situations and we can use technology as a means to communicate our goals, support and ideas with parents!



2. Elaborate on how specific resources, ideas or experiences in the learning experience

have contributed to your learning. e.g. reading material, course activities etc:

I love the opportunity to read the reviews and advice for different web tools for learning. I liked hearing real teachers using the apps/websites in their classrooms and giving some honest management issues or tips.


The level of collaboration through discourse and advice has been great so far. The colleagues in the course are coming from various backgrounds and bringing such a diverse experience to the course material emphasizing our own opinion and experience.

3. Share how your participation in the discussion forum has contributed to your learning

and connect that to your understanding of the Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession.


The teachers in the course are sharing a common goal of professional learning for the sake of student success and professional growth and efficacy. The discussion has led us like-minded individuals to help each other feel successful, knowledgeable and valuable as other educators. We are able to bring our commonalities to an area of education that requires us to stay professional but also critical in how, what, why and when we use technology as an educational tool or strategy.


4. Discuss any outstanding questions and the steps you may take to further explore your

interests as part of your learning in the course:


-more exploration of Web 2.0 tools

-incorporating BYOD

-managing BYOD

-understanding Primary (k-3) use of technology and learning how to implement

-assessing creation in digital formats


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