One significant issue that popped out was equity.  In my Math AQ we have been disscussing parental and community involvement in education in order to support parent learning.  In IICT we have been working through LEs that focus on the special needs learners.  The cord I draw between the two is equity.  I found that many of my struggling math students had parents that struggled in math and therefore had little to no access to home support with the subject.  In class I had red flags all over the place because of this!  I also have students who are on IEPs and parents are unable to read the IEP themselves because of their own learning difficulties.  It was a struggle in the community.  The students all needed access to professional resources/help in order to be successful.  The students who needed math support came to my OFIP tutoring sessions and the others received support from ISSP.

I feel as though I am more prepared for supporting special needs students in my class with the AT that we went through.  More than one colleague reported on tech that I was unaware of (or had no clue how to use) and that made it more accessible for me.  Creating the staff handbook was a good way to synthesize the learning that has taken place through preparing new teachers for using the technology that they are unfamiliar with.

I’ve loved reading the comments by teachers from across Ontario with various backgrounds in education.  Their experience and insight helps shed new light on the technologies I am using and just my general practice and philosophy by giving me new ideas, challenging my current views and by supporting some of the good I am already doing.

I still would like to learn more about using technology to assess and how to assess creativity because it is something that I struggle with everyday as a person.  How can we assess learning when learning is an art and a science and a journey?

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