Reflection LE #3

I think the biggest issue for me was doing staff development as I just finished my first year teaching!

It is hard for me as a new teacher and a young teacher to understand why others haven’t jumped on the tech bandwagon to support student learning. Albeit, I am sure they think I am as green as the grass when it comes to everything else!

I think that sharing goals of learning, teaching and growing is vital to our discussions. We show support, give ideas, share our opinions in a way that encourages us to think creatively and outside the box when it comes to instruction. I think the constructive criticism can really help teachers grow and learn and the colleagues in the course do this for me and help me re-think and reframe my own preconceived notions about tech, curriculum, teaching strategies and how to be a leader at this point in my career.I love reading through the posts and the feedback. It really gives me a great insight and perspective on the assignments and how others are seeing them. Like I said, I’m green. Colleagues in the course have a variety of teaching backgrounds and share a lot of insight that I haven’t had the years of experience to gain yet. It is eye opening. I also love the interaction with FSL teachers, as I have been applying to a lot of FI schools and love to see the curriculum through the eyes of my potential teaching partners.

I would love to go back and go through even more from the special needs LE #2. I am really trying to improve my differentiation and ESL teaching strategies this year to help my students and my community. I think technology is a language that is global and we can all speak and use to formulate ideas, share resources and communicate in new ways.

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