Blog Reflection-LAST ONE!

Describe one significant idea or issue that has arisen for you, as you were engaging in the topics during Learning Experiences #3 and #4.

#4 was focused on the leadership scope of technology positive teachers.  I think one of the issues that arises there is that sometimes younger teachers are not seen as resources for instructional strategies even when using technology on a regular basis in their classrooms to help redefine the products students create!

Elaborate on how specific resources, ideas or experiences in these Learning Experiences have contributed to your learning. e.g. reading material, course activities etc.

I loved creating the webquest as it made me think of what kind of PD I like to do.  I love when the PD incorporates independent and collaborative thinking.  I built the links to be self-exploratory but the evaluation of the resources and tools to be collaborative because I like the idea of teachers from all divisions/subject areas coming together to see how the tools could be used in their classrooms.  Hearing the pro/con list from a colleague in a different division can sometimes help you better understand the goals of using the tool and the applications it might have for your own class through their perspective.

Share how your participation in the discussion forums have contributed to your learning and connect this to your understanding of the Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession.

I still enjoy the community feeling of working with other professionals.  Some of the teachers in the course are extremely well versed in how to incorporate technology and use technology in the classroom.  The varying abilities, knowledge, experience in and out of the classroom (because we touch on personal use of tech as well) really helps solidify the power of technology has in education.  It also reflects the value we place in our colleagues who are all working towards the same goal- to be better teachers.

Discuss any outstanding questions and the steps you may take to further explore your interests as part of your learning in the course.

I think I want to explore the Google apps more for my future classroom.  After working with google drive, I think it is a fabulous resource for collaboration as well as independent work.  I think there is a lot of potential there for learning and experiencing the capabilities of Google for my students.  I would also love to play around more with avatars and apps like Voki to deliver homework, information and lessons to my students.  I still love the flipped classroom model, as I love the idea of having my hands free to work with students as I circulate while they access the lesson for the period.  It seems like a great method for clearning up misconceptions and helping those when they need it.

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