About Jessica

Jessica graduated from the Queen’s Trent Concurrent Education program in 2011. From there she began working in the Children’s department at Indigo-Chapters, hoping to use her educational background as a method of working with management to meet customers’ needs in a demanding area.

Within a year, she was hired as a school age teacher for a local non-profit before and after school program.  For over a year she ran a program with predominantly special needs children.  Collaborating with ECE staff, teachers, parents and other colleagues to support, guide and enrich the lives of the children and families she worked with.

Now Jessica works for the Peel District School Board as an occasional teacher.  After her first LTO at Sheridan Park this past June, she is moving on to another LTO at Maple Wood PS in Mississauga.  Her passion for social justice, restorative discipline and meeting the children where they are instead of where they ‘should be’ is what drives her practice.  Jessica’s current goals are to learn more about how to incorporate technology into a classroom in the midst of Peel’s new BYOD program.


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